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Atv4fun was founded in 2007 from the passion to get in touch with nature in a way that would combine fun and pleasure. Since then more than 500 kms of trails have been discovered and offer a great variety of natural and cultural interest.

Respect of the environment is our prime consideration when driving and this is why all paths and trails have been selected very carefully. During our trips we get away from everyday life and we feel the lost sense of discovery and freedom. We will get in touch with nature and the local culture.

In all trips POLARIS atv’s are used which are known for their quality and reliability. Driving license is needed for drivers and as for passengers kids are also welcome.Safety equipment like helmets, rain coats etc is provided by us.

Atv4fun is an associate of POLARIS France and POLARIS Destination since many years and many people from around the world visit us every year to feel the adventure.

We offer the largest variety of atv trails in Europe. Join us and experience the best of Greece in a unique way.

A selection of day trips follows but we are always open to design for you a custom tour according to your wishes.

Program illustrated is a combination of historical sightseeing, off road driving, places of natural beauty. Depending on year’s season, our Tour visits traditional mountain villages, lakes, forests, monuments of Ancient Greece, magnificent beaches and island of Elafonisos.

Off road routes are of low or/and medium level difficulty and anyone can enjoy driving α POLARIS Atv by following our instructions. We take precaution by not using routes that may place people in danger.

Every person that wishes to drive a 4x4 POLARIS vehicle in Greece has to have legitimate Driving License and Identity Card (or passport) issued by a E.U. country. Citizens of non-E.U. countries must have legitimate Visa.


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La Grece, La Vraie!

Atv4fun is an associate

of POLARIS France

Atv4fun is an associate

of POLARIS Destination

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